Sten and the Gold Mine

Meet Sten the beetle. But he’s not just an ordinary beetle that you’d find in your garden. He lives in the hot Namib desert where he collects fog water in a special way. His best friend Harvey, a desert ant, is trapped in a gold mine. The same gold mine that took Sten’s father away. The same gold mine he is most scared to visit. Can Sten face his fear and save his best friend before the mine takes someone else? Will Sten’s water trick help him save his best friend?

Our first children’s book! Sten and the Gold Mine is a short children’s story that was inspired by the nifty and resourceful Namib desert beetle. We are sure there is a branding & creative studio inspired by this nifty beetle too! (wink, wink!)

Creative Direction:

Vinay Shankar

Art Direction, Illustration and Book Design:

Paresh Shankar

Words and Story:

Vinay Shankar