Coppersun Books

Coppersun Books approached me to undertake, a web refresh that would better reflect their brand and increase their sales, while at the same time move away from their legacy platform.

Stenocara crafted an e-commerce website that visually stood out, with a ‘less-is-more’, modern, responsive user-interface to focus on their products that have touched people’s hearts worldwide, and enlightened them to many facets of life.

The website is easy to navigate, with legible type, and uses a consistent inspiring blue with complimentary colours for call-to-actions, such as buy buttons to give that calm, crisp and clean vibe. This resonates with the values of the brand vision – to publish literature and products to touch, inspire and enlighten people globally.

Furthermore, I produced a range of e-Books, for the publisher Coppersun Books featuring their key international author – Srinivas Arka. Designed to be compatible, with Kindle, Apple and other mobile devices to reach and inspire a wider audience whilst increasing commercial viability.


Creative Direction, Website Design and eBook Design:

Paresh Shankar