What is the Purpose of Life?

Srinivas Arka is a globally well-known philosopher, author and inspirational speaker, I was asked to design and bring to life a manuscript from one of his inspiring seminars in the form of an eBook. The design process started by working closely with the author and editor. Asking questions, assessing the manuscript and researching the target audience. An attention grabbing title to draw the reader was developed. The goal was to create a unique, eye-catching, yet professional eBook that will attract readers whilst staying true to the essence and content.

Remember the moment, in your childhood, when it was so much fun to play around with paint, letting the paint just flow, mixing colours, and just seeing what happens! I drew inspiration from this and the playful and experimental nature of splatter painting. Embracing the messiness! How it all comes together in the end as a unique colourful piece of self-expression and abstract art. A bit like life itself and relates to the themes in the eBook.

Therefore, the visual language was composed of authentic, colourful paint splatter elements. A brush marker font duo that couples an off-the-cuff script with an all-caps sans serif, combined with easily readable type for the body text. This resonates with the essence of the eBook – Celebrating life, embracing the messiness, living in the moment with enthusiasm and playfulness to become the brightest version of yourself.

The result, an inspiring, vibrant page-turner, to inspire the author’s global audience, increase reach and answer a question we have all asked ourselves!

P.S Get them paints out again!

Creative Direction, Branding and Design:

Paresh Shankar