Stenocara is a creative studio inspired by the story of a beetle. Not just any beetle, but the Namib desert beetle. This nifty critter survives in one of the oldest, hottest and driest deserts in a unique way. It harnesses the fog from the ocean which sweeps across the desert. Its bumpy shell attracts the water from the fog. As the water sticks to its back, small drops form. These drops can then roll straight down the ridges into its thirsty mouth.

The ingenious beetle and its creativity to survive in such harsh conditions led us to create Stenocara. Just like the beetle, our journey started with limited resources but we wanted to do more than just survive, we wanted to make a difference. We began as an innovation and communications company set up by two brothers to develop inspiring and effective eco-ethical solutions. Now, over the years our interests have diversified but the beetle remains at the heart of our story.

At its heart, Paresh Shankar leads Stenocara, wearing many hats, as a studio of one, which still collaborates with Vinay. We also build custom teams around your project to best suit your vision and requirements. We provide branding & design for brands/entrepreneurs in the for-a-difference/positive impact, health and wellbeing, start-up/small business, online, and charity space.

We believe strongly in continually experimenting and testing, we do so with our self-initiated and side projects. This is essential for pushing the boundaries and helps us brings these new perspectives to our client work.