Following the success of the brand identity roll out of the Body, Mind & Spirit programme, the YMCA Fylde coast approached me to, explore the ‘Y’ brand experience and spruce up their YMCA Lancaster building space. The objective was to create a fun, immersive and inspiring environment for young people, and at the same time enhance employee wellbeing.

The playful and friendly nature of the “Y” character visual personality had already started to empower and make an impact, within a short period of time. Collaborating with the YMCA Youth and coaching leadership team we evaluated that ‘Y’ represented YMCA Fylde Coast’s Core value – changing and enhancing lives, and agreed it would take centre stage.

I crafted, hand-drawn, purpose-driven, quirky illustrations incorporating powerful and simple messaging with coaching questions that: challenge and change our thinking. The approach allowed young people to begin their inspirational journey and served as a vibrant reminder of each individual’s potential.


Creative Direction, Illustration and Design:

Paresh Shankar