Weight Loss – A Lifestyle Not a Diet Programme

Weight Loss – A Lifestyle Not a Diet Programme, disrupts conventional weight loss approaches in favour of empowering readers with an optimal, long term, weight management solution. It is focused on changing beliefs, creating more effective/sustainable eating habits, and taking part in regular exercise.

Tasked with bringing the programme to life, I humanised and differentiated it.


By creating an exuberant, cool and colourful brand mascot called ‘Scaleio’. It was combined with quirky and authentic handcrafted type. The visual language emotionally connects readers to the essence of the programme, in that we are all biologically and genetically unique, and the premise that ‘diets’ are indeed an experiment of one.

I developed a range of e-books/e-workbooks with a clean and minimal layout and easy-to-read type. This was combined with eye-catching and upbeat hand lettered quotes, which served to act as powerful call-to-actions to bring about a change in dietary patterns and behaviour. The success of the eBooks, led to webinars and then partnering with organisations such as 3-1-5 Health Club to deliver face-to-face workshops.

To initiate positive dialogue about the programme, I  created an email strategy and campaign. I constructed an automated/drip-feed email series to potential customers, as well as one-time promotional broadcasts to existing and partner organisations database.


Creative Direction, Branding, Design and Illustration:

Paresh Shankar

Product Creation and Email Campaign:

Colin Bell and Paresh Shankar