Peak Performance Consultancy

Peak Performance Consultancy had a problem – The current branding, visual identity and online presence didn’t reflect the client’s aspirations. His aspiration was to position himself as a thought leader and authority in his niche of change/personal mastery coaching. The client wanted to leverage his online presence to attract more clients, leads and to work smarter.

I worked closely with Colin to address his who, why, what and how. This was essential to transform his current brand experience, to one that communicates his unique proposition, core message and connects to the varied Peak Performance client base.

The second phase was to develop a range of digital products to showcase the company’s expertise, address potential client problems and create instant credibility. We produced eBooks, webinars, email, video and online courses/programmes. E-commerce and email marketing automation functionality was also integrated into the Peak Performance online platform.

Creating digital assets from Colins’s bespoke coaching services provided an additional revenue stream and a new medium for future products. Most importantly, it offered value to new and existing clients.


Creative Direction, Branding, Design, Web Design and Video:

Paresh Shankar

Product Creation:

Colin Bell and Paresh Shankar