Liam Walsh Fitness

Liam Walsh was getting at good at what he was doing in the personal training and fitness space. However, his branding and design didn’t represent his vision and lacked clarity. He wanted to grow his audience and attract new clients.

Working together with Liam, we got to know the ins and outs of his personal brand – What he does? What he stands for and against? What problems does he solve? Who he wants to help? Why should people care about his work?

We discovered his unique, one-of-a-kind approach to personal fitness – Taking the nonsense away from the fitness industry and simplifying fat loss whilst having a laugh. He wanted to help clients create a lifestyle that’s maintainable, one which gets real results without just the sacrifice.

Taking the essence of the brand, a strong visual identity was created…literally!

The symbol is an abstract flexed bicep composed of the client’s initials, L and W. The flexed bicep has many positive associations – Related to working out, mental strength, and potential. Perfect for a personal trainer, it conveys who Liam is visually and his other brand values such as body confidence. It should be mentioned that Liam also loves that flexed bicep emoji.

The hand drawn script-esque type evokes that lively, cheerful and easy to talk to ‘Liam Walsh’ vibe. It’s targeted towards his mainly female clientele and is a nod to enjoying the ebb and flow of the fitness journey. The vibrant orange, let’s clients know that they are going to get a positive, high-energy workout!

We then put a digital strategy into play. The goal: To create content to communicate, his more than just a personal trainer brand. How, he seeks to make his clients lives better, to get them looking and feeling amazing. This increases interest in his subject matter over time.

The process itself, helped develop Liam’s voice and message and acted as a catalyst to get attention around his personality. Followed by conversations with his ideal clients. This led to potential clients paying for his online training program and personal training services. More coming on this project soon…